A Heartfelt Tribute

Camera Canon EOS-5D Mark III
Lens EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM @ 105mm
Exposure 1/800 sec;   f/8;   ISO 200
Coordinates 21°9’53” N 94°52’54” E
Location Bagan, Mandalay, Myanmar
Date 07.11.2012

The land of Morning Mists. The Bagan plains as it used to be back in 2012. Hope the damage done by Wednesday’s (24th Aug.) earthquake damaging over 80 temples on these plains as well as taking 4 lives down with it will be restored back to normal as soon as possible. Obviously the lives will not be restored but at least they can be avenged. This magnificent landscape has seen more than its fair share of quakes both recently as well as in the past. One of the worst occurring was back in 1976 with signs of devastation still showing in 2012.

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